New Jersey CD Duplication, Video Transfer, DVD transfer, NJ DVD Duplication, International Conversion, Beta
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Video transfer, video duplication

CD Duplication, Duplication, DVD transfer, DVD Duplication, International Conversion, Beta


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Digital Media Services

Lagno Video Specializes in the following Digital Media services:

  • CD rom and DVD Duplication

  • Digital Video Editing/Production

  • Conversion of Pictures/home movies to digital format (Mpeg, Avi, etc)

  • Custom CD Rom Development for trade shows and education purposes

  • Any Beta, VHS, Betacam, DV, Mini-DV, Three Quarter Inch, Audio reel to reelVideo , Audio, or Photo series can be transferred to DVD or CD rom

New Jersey, DVD and NJ Digital Video Services


Video to DVD Transfer - Bring us your old home movies and video tapes - we'll transfer them to DVD for you.  VHS, VHS-C, BETA, 8mm video, Mini DV, and of course, your old 8mm and 16mm movies (must already be on videotape)


Audio to CD - We can copy old reel-to-reel recordings, cassettes, corporate programs, recitals, etc.


Video CD - We highly suggest you use DVD for any video, but if you need video on CD, just let us know, we also can do CD duplication and copies.


CD and DVD Duplication - Make and send copies of of your child's first birthday to friends; your next sales pitch to potential clients, any presentation.  CD duplication and DVD Duplication are one of our specialties, prices depend on quantity so contact or call us today!


Video to JPEGS (Video Capture) - We can produce a jpeg (electronic single image) from any video or film frame (other formats available).


Power Point Transfer -  Just as it sounds!  Enjoy the power of your presentation with the convenience of video.  And Yes, we can put it on Videotape or DVD.  Call or contact us for an estimate.


Internet Video, Quicktime and other file Conversions - Convert any file format to another, optimize for the internet, etc.


Or Try DVD Deluxe


DVD Deluxe is custom DVD Authoring aimed at providing you convenience!

 Imagine having all your home movies on DVD..  Just think of all the time you'll save No more rewinding and searching with DVD Deluxe.


For example, we can put all your Christmas video in one chapter, all the birthdays together, etc.  We can put it all together in a logical grouping for you - birthdays, school events, sports, hobbies, family, weddings and so forth.  Be creative and have us organize your DVD Deluxe however you wish - the only limit is your imagination!


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Many New Jersey CD Duplication, DVD Duplication, Digital Editing Digital Production, conversion projects can be completed overnight!

CD duplication, video transfer, DVD transfer, dvd duplication, beta

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